Indrapura helps orphanage

Indonesian Restaurant Indrapura focuses not only on delicious Indonesian dishes, but also supports an orphanage in Bali.

Indrapura restaurant is the initiator of the foundation Giri Asih. This organization saw the light of day in 2000 to help with orphanage instead Melaya Asih Giri in Bali. The foundation took about sixty orphans under her care, both socially and financially. In addition, the organization renovated the orphanage in 2005. The foundation began in 2005 on his own foot, because the owner of the building (the Indonesian Foundation Sumber Kasih) maintenance was well regulated. The foundation then built a new orphanage: the orphanage Pohsanten. This is located in Desa Pohsanten, valkbij Negara, kabupaten in the region.


The Foundation’s active awareness of the orphanage Pohsanten. The organization also wants to recruit sponsors for supporting this home. This may support in the sense of kind (clothing, other goods and knowledge) as well as monetary contributions. To ensure sustainability the foundation no food will be transported.

For example, clothing should think of the climate and portability. Among the other goods will take place in consultation with the foundation. When knowledge can think of the building (architectural, maintenance, management, etc.), education, pedagogy, medicine, legal aspects, facilities and so on.
The foundation is not focused on making profits. All contributions (cash and kind) will be less the costs and falling tax revenues for the benefit of the orphanage.

The vision of the foundation is to establish continuity in the general conditions prevail for the children of the orphanage Pohsanten. Liveable conditions are approached from the perspectives financially, the orphanage Pohsanten, process and learning capacity.

Financial Perspective
In financial terms should be given to investments in:
-The building, the renovation of the orphanage, namely the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets.
-The outdoor area at the orphanage: safe playground (outdoors) for children.
-Education: school fees per child, school.
-Medical care: periodic vaccinations, doctor visits, medications, hospitalization, emergency services and dental care.
-The educational facilities: educators, psychologists, managers.
-The daily food: variation in the diet.
The clothing and footwear,: taking into account the growth of children.

Perspective from the child
-Ensuring safety.
-Security of the toys and the playground.
-Attention and love.
-Education and social development.

process context
-Monitoring the development of each individual child.
-The building: maintenance and management.
-The type of school: kindergarten, primary school, secondary school.

Learning capacity perspective
Raising awareness of children through education in social development. The production of the vision by the children.
Giri Asih Foundation The Netherlands wants to help this orphanage, but can not do this. Therefore, the Foundation for help to everyone, so these children a chance in this life. Just like you and I have received.

How can you help?
can help by:
One-time donation
Giri Asih Foundation and restaurant Indrapura appreciate it if you want tot do an donation. You can also donate to Giri Asih.

-help in other ways
Examples include:
foster parents are away
-The contribution of your expertise
-Other Aid

Want to know more about the orphanage Giri Asih, please contact Peter ten Cate (Netherlands Asih chairman Giri, restaurant manager Indrapura) by calling (020) 689 67 94 or visit .

Giri Asih Foundation is sponsored by the SIR among other restaurants. SIR restaurants annually fund various projects to a livable environment for the children of the orphanage Giri Asih

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