Indrapura is IENS topper!

Restaurant Indrapura is a fresh oasis
of ingenuity in the world of gastronomy….

It is the uniqueness of the experience that has become
the hallmark of its reputation, encompassing the quality of the
ingredients, the perfect execution, the sheer multitude of flavours
and the quality of the service, all to be enjoyed in a lush colonial setting.

Indrapura’s RIJSTTAFEL menu consists an array of Indonesian
food creations which evolve, disappear and return in accordance
with market availability, The well experienced cooks prepare what
inspires them from islands that spread in jewel of Indonesia from time
to time, from mother to daughter, a traditional family tradition that
has been serenading the country and the historic relation between
Indonesia and the country who colonial them for 350 years, Netherlands.

Orchestrating their RIJSTTAFEL tasting menus like a symphony, a
sequence of marvellous colours and could be a life time unforgettable experience…

Indrapura will be open for Lunch, starting 1-03-2017
from 12:00 to 15:00 hrs.

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